Monday, August 10, 2009


I spent six days in the hospital in early August right after my 32nd birthday. Before I go into any more details I’ll skip right to the epilogue.

I’m totally fine.

I had hemorrhaging on my cerebellum. An intraparenchymal bleed. In short, there was blood on my brain. They’ve ruled out the worst possibilities. The cause is unknown. My brain is absorbing the blood. I’m almost symptom free but have follow up procedures and appointments scheduled to make sure.

In the midst of the ordeal I had no desire to draw more people into uncertainty and cause undue concern so I very deliberately stayed off Facebook and my blog. Being in the hospital is certainly stressful for the patient, but I think it's almost as stressful, if not more so for friends and family.

Having said that, in the aftermath I’ve found it cathartic to write about it - to remind myself how I felt - to process what happened - and to write down some stories that are just plain funny.

There are points in this story that I don’t recall as well as those who were there with me. So, if something is in italics and no longer in the third person, that’s another person’s perspective.

I'm posting an abridged version of the saga. What I'm not posting is either too personal or too disgusting.

There aren’t a lot of pictures and there are mentions of vomiting, blood, and more vomiting. Just imagine what I didn't post. No, actually, don't.

And I use bad words.

Forewarned is fair warned.

Just want to reiterate: I am totally fine. I wouldn’t be posting about this if I wasn’t.

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