Monday, August 24, 2009

Dream Phlebotomist

I had a follow up doctor visit today. When I made the appointment they told me I should fast prior to the appointment. I responded "Oh, we can skip that part I've had several blood test in the past week I'll make sure you get those records."

No such luck.

However, I've met my dream phlebotomist. Her name is Yolanda. I didn't even feel it. Where was she when I was at Rex?

This office is associated with Rex so they're going to set up the next cerebral angiogram. Not looking forward to that. The bruise on my right side was healing up nicely. But for the second procedure they'll go in on the left side. Perfect. Evens things out.

I am woozy after all that blood has been drawn. Diane picks me up and I'm craving McDonald's french fries so that's what we have for lunch. Yes, I have temporarily gotten off the SuperFoods bandwagon. Right now I don't feel good and I'm underweight so I'm basically eating whatever I want. It's awesome.

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