Thursday, August 06, 2009

Jamies's Boot Camp for Princess Day One

Teri hasn't trained a moment for a Triathlon. The girl is a natural Olympian and I know that she's going to beat me despite my own preparations. At the heart of these things, this is a race against myself, not Teri, but in the spirit of classic sibling rivalry, we are teasing each other a bit about who will have the faster time.

I decide it's a good idea for Teri to bike and swim at least once before she does those events in the tri. We start with the bike. Teri has never done clip on peddles so we give those a try. We ride around the parking lot and it seems like she's got the hang of it so we boldly head towards the calm low traffic street. There's a car coming so I tell Teri to stop before we turn.


(Don't worry. That's not Teri being hit by a car)

Teri was just by my side. I look left. I look right. I look down, oh, there she is.

She fell over and couldn't get out of the peddles. That was the thing that scared her the most. So, now it's out of the way. We bandage her up, leave the clip ons at home and we're off.

I take Teri through one of my favorite routes. Most of it passes through the sculpture gardens of the North Carolina Museum of Art. Teri likes it (I hoped she would).

When Teri gets off the bike I urge her to try running. Running after bike riding in training is called a "brick" and it's important to get your body used to the feeling. Teri jumps off the bike and my guess is she's thinking she'll be able to run just fine (marathoner). After her first stride she giggles and say "Whee, weird, I see what you're talking about."

We have a superfoodalicious lunch and then head to the pool. I still haven't figured out how to pass people when the lane is going both ways. I can't seem to find a definitive answer about etiquette etc. I have heard that you're supposed to tap the persons foot or grab the ankle. So that's like the signal. How does the pass work? What if the person in front doesn't "pull over." Teri spends a lot of time fussing with her goggles.

Sidenote: When I just typed goggle, my brain really wanted to type google. Weird.

At the end of the day Princess is beat. That's just day one of Jamie Bootcamp!

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