Monday, March 31, 2008

Champions by Default. We'll take it.

In addition to the basketball team, McKinney also formed a Dodgeball team - "The After School Specials" and I was slated to play on the team.

Unfortunately the Durham Parks & Rec organization cancelled the Spring League.

But, here's the best part:

Since we were the only team in the Durham League, this made us immediate Conference Champions. Exciting, I know. As a celebration, we will be going out and getting "ridiculous" (terminology decided upon by Michelle and Joel from an earlier conversation). And to make the celebration appropriate, we will wear our team shirts (pictured below).

Love it.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Finally, I'm Mrs. You."
-Cossette from Les Miserables on her wedding day. Hands down, the funniest line in the five hour movie I just finished watching.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Daily Numbers.

Maybe I will title all my blog posts with number that start the story.

22: miles I biked
42: Degrees

In the rain.

Now, how is it, that on Friday it was 80 degrees and North Carolina remains in a severe drought and on Saturday, when I decide to ride, it's half the temp and there's a downpour? Why, why, why?

For the second Saturday, I decided to join some GSK et al road bikers for a training ride.

I always overdress (by that I mean I dress too warmly, not glamorously) for riding and end up stripping and carrying most of my clothes. I forget how hard my body works and how quickly I warm up. So, when I'm preparing for this morning's ride and it's a touch chilly methinks "Not falling for that again" and I dress lightly.

Ride starts at 9:30. Mile 6, it starts to rain. It's heavy rain and we think to ourselves "This can't last too long" so we pass our opportunity to make this a short ride and continue on. This is what is meant by "past the point of no return."

We continue on. So does the rain. It becomes increasingly unpleasant. Have you ever been passed by a 18 wheel truck on the highway on a rainy day and been sprayed? Recall that I am on a hybrid and everyone else is on road bikes so effectively, I am the 18 wheeler passing and spraying them. And I don't know these people very well.
Hmm. Persona non grata? This is the second time this week I've felt like an 18 wheel truck (the first time was out dancing but that really is another story).

I don't mind being wet. I don't like being cold. But, I really can't stand being cold and wet and around mile 16 I am very cold and very wet. My hands especially. Fingers so cold that I'm switching gears with the back of my soggy hand if I bother to shift gears at all.

When I come home after the ride I proceed directly to bed. Under down comforter. In my wet spandex. Shivering. Somewhere, I find the movitation to get out of bed, remove wet clothes and turn heat up to 80. Back in bed. And then I'm sweltering, but somehow still cold. I take a hot shower, then a bath, then another shower.

I do finally warm up. And then I'm off to the mall.

None of this, however, stopped me from snapping a photo in the parking lot. It's times like this that I feel like I'm at risk for being one of those parents who won't put the camcorder down even if their child is in some of precarious situation because they are so preoccupied by making the recording. Which reminds me about a family video of me slipping into the deep end of the pool at a family party. My Uncle Frank grabbed me out immediately somehow this is all on tape. Thanks Dad.

While I don't think I'll forget the feeling of being chilled to the bone (which is different from being cold), I'm glad I was still smiling. On the outside.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Musing at the BP
If you're paying with a credit card, why does anyone bother trying to get nice even numbers for the dollar total? Especially once the pump has made it quite clear "Tank is full" people need to eek out those extra pumps.

I tend to fall on the higher end of being precise, orderly (and at times neurotic) but this one I do not understand. You are never going experience the pennies associated with your purchase. Ever.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My girlie girl Barb (do not call her Barbie) just got promoted.
At the risk of sounding more like a Mom than a friend, I must say I am proud.

This is where we celebrated

Anderson and Barb, they look grumpy in those sunglasses. They're not.

Barb and Jamie (taken by Anderson after a few too many attempts).

I toodled on down to Raleigh afterwards. Traffic was a bit backed up around the RBC Center. Hmmm, I wondered. A hockey game? No, Barry Manilow. Oh. Dear.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cleaning Out the Camera Phone

Bowling in Chapel Hill. I did alarmingly well. The girls bowling next to us were in short shorts. Who bowls in short shorts?

Was able to visit Princess in Seattle on the tail end of a work trip. This is Teri's pooch, Pilot. Smoochies.

Then we went skiing. And look what we found on a black diamond.

If you read this blog, or know me, you know that I love to play Taboo. I made my sister buy her very own game so that we could enjoy it together in Seattle.

I was taking all the pics so asked Teri to snap a few and maybe get me in one of them. I'm sorry, Ter, but my hair tendrils don't count. She gets tons of pics of her man and dog but forgets about sister Jamie. Loving you too, Princess. MmmBill in the mmmbackground.

Oh, I love you anyway Princess. Why we are yellow in my pics, I don't know. My camera phone was feeling creative.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Retro Blogging.

Here's a post from a friend's blog back in 2002. Came across it today and thought it was funny. And since nothing interesting has happened today (so far), I'll cut and paste from the past. Even if it reflects poorly on me.

Just ran into Jamie Foehl in Union Square. I stop her to say hello, and she stares blankly into my face. This is someone who I have had two separate conversations with, mind you. As thrilled as I am to discover that it is acceptable for me to stop good-looking women on the street, I am still apoplectic that there is no recognition. "I know you," she informs me after a very pregnant pause. "The Devil."

Is it possible that I am not as witty and charming as I think I am? Does my presence not enrich the lives of those to whom I deign grant an audience? Did Carly Simon not sing a song about me? Is my narcissism based on a self-absorption so shallow as to be flagrantly out of touch with reality?
It is Jamie who is wrong.

posted by Michael Malice @ 4:24 PM

I think I had a fever or something and was extra out of it. I don't know. Generally, I have an alarmingly good memory.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Numbers: 42 and 43

42 - minutes it took me to do the first orienteering course
43 - minutes it took me to do the second orienteering course

Had so much fun last weekend orienteering that I did it again. This time in the company of a more experienced Orienteerer. Lots of people ran and one person did the course in 12 minutes. I wasn't up for running after yesterday's ride but we did run to the final checkpoint just so we could appear hardcore.

I actually could have worn my skirt today, weather was nice. But it wouldn't have gone with the trail shoes. Or worked well in the woods.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Numbers of the Day: 77 and 32

77 - Temperature today (disregard previous post about being too cold).
32 - miles I biked. On a hybrid bike.

With a team of road bikers with clip shoes. I had sneakers and toe cages.

I kept up through mile 26. Then, I was a slow, slow poke.

When I returned to the start I stopped the bike, released one foot, tried to release the other but my whole leg kind of gave out on me and I couldn't get out of the cage and I totally fell over. In front of my fellow bikers (good thing I already had their admiration for keeping up). It was one of those moments where I knew I was going to fall and there was nothing I could do about it except grin. And that's exactly what I did.

During the ride I was having that terrific feeling of "If I were to be doing anything right now, it would be this." I guess that's called satisfaction.

I am smelly, sticky, and hurting.

It was awesome.

Three months ago I bought a skirt at Anthropologie that I immediately dubbed my Easter skirt. It was baby blue and white, with flowers and pink and yellow. Very spring. The problem is I didn't realize that Easter would be in March and it's still really cold (by my wussy Southeast standards). So, maybe this will just have to be my summer wedding skirt.

Should I be concerned that I'm blogging about a skirt? Am I more bored than I realize?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Not a Good Friday.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lovely spring weather today. And I took advantage of it. Went to Umstead State Park and went orienteering. They had Easter candy at some of the checkpoints - what motivation! I really enjoyed the experience - it was like a walk in the woods with a purpose.

And when you're done, you get a receipt (record of your times). Oh yeah, and I learned how to use a compass, which I probably already knew how to do at one point in time (Ahem, 13 years of summer camp).

And got to use my old whistle from the lifeguarding days (well, I actually didn't use it because I didn't get lost, but I had it with me).

Didn't take any pictures along the way, but here's some of the evidence on my kitchen table.

UPDATE: I didn't take any pictures. But a Garmin GPS did. And here's the route. Can you spot the wrong turn?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

To heck with the ACC, I'm all about the Chicklets.

Yes, this weekend the Triange felt like a dead town (even moreso than usual) because everyone was watching the ACC. And it rained, which tends to keep folks inside sometimes.

But not Jamie. I went out and cheered for the Chicklets - the McKinney B'ball team (named after Chick McKinney, founder of the shop).

They had an undefeated record and played for the Championship.

And sadly, lost. Mostly due to the absence of players. One of them was getting married, which I guess is excuse enough not to come on out and play.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

So, here's the question of the night.
What time are my shows on MST?
It's not really obvious when you think about it.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I took a sunbath at the spa. There was snow.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

View into Tamiscape.

Vanessa and Jamie rocking it out. Woohoo. I am on the right.