Saturday, August 08, 2009


It's my party!

And it was perfect. I have amazing friends.

The party was a pre-triathlon carb load dinner.

So, there was lots of pasta. And sauce. The sauce was from Bella Mmmmmmmonica.

There were triathlon icon decorated cupcakes

There were balloons


There was Teri.

There were supplies to make cheering signs for the tri.

And there was Taboo. But this just wasn't any game of Taboo. This was Jamie-Boo. Custom made cards based on the theme of me me me. Check out the box.

"Where did you buy this?"

"A game! All about me?"

I'm not inclined to be overtly sentimental but I was really touched by all the thought and preparation that went into this. All of my friends provided the Taboo words. My SUPERfriends (like superfoods) figured out the Taboo words associated with the Jamie words and custom made the cards.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Friends, Thank you.

P.S. There are actually 14 Superfoods.

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Brita said...

That really is amazing. Customized Taboo?!? So cool!
I'm glad all is well with you, Miss Jamie!