Sunday, August 02, 2009


Pal Barb is totally enamored of Superfoods. She left her SF book at work one weekend so she bought an additional copy that she gave to me. So, now I'm jumping on the bandwagon. The thing I like about it is that it's more about what foods to try to incorporate rather than what foods not to eat. Also, and this is important, there is a list of foods and brand names in the back of the book. I get overwhelmed in the grocery store - I forget what to look for - this list really helps.

There are 14 Superfoods. For me, 13 since one of them is Wild Salmon and I will never do that. Yick. I'm going to focus on one Superfood at a time to make sure I'm really learning about them.

And this week, I'm starting with beans. At Harris Teeter I bought green beans and Eden Organic Rice and Beans (book says canned is OK, just make sure sodium content is low. I will report back on my enjoyment of these two bean products.

What's the fuss about beans? For one thing, they're the most healthy and economical sources of protein.

One cup of lentils provides 17 grams of protein with only .75 gram of fat. You can get the same amount of protein from 2oz extra lean trimmed sirloin steak. But you get six times the fat.

It also has Lysine which is an important amino acid.

And that's all for beans tonight. I'm all about beans this week. Eating them and learning why they're so freakin' super.

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