Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday August 14th, early morning in the ER

I’m separating this saga into days but it’s a little artificial since we’ve been up way past midnight a few nights now.

When I wake (if I even slept) I notice Diane asleep on the hospital floor. This girl is going to get her wings. Her past week has been all about me, me, me. First it was my birthday, the Taboo game, Triathlon, dismantling the apartment, my sister in town and now this. I’m extremely appreciative of her support but I really hope things calm down so she can get back to her own life.

This is what I’m thinking as I overhear her cancel all of her appointments for the day.

Somewhere through all this, I’ve started to call Diane “Boss.” She truly has become a source of calm and knowledge as well as a liaison between me and the hospital staff. I trust her judgment unconditionally. I hope she doesn’t feel too burdened by the responsibility of being “the boss” (sorry, Rod!).

Teri arrives. The room is dark but for the light of Diane’s computer. Teri was going to stop by the hospital to say goodbye before she flew back to Seattle. After a quick chat with Diane she decides to stay. I love Teri and I’m glad she’s here and I understand why she can’t leave just yet but I also want her to return to her life soon. She’s been gone more than a week, she’s got some good momentum with wedding planning, she’s in a wedding next weekend and then she’s off to Canada with the family. Nate and Pilot need her.

At some point, Diane put together a “Sicky McSickerson” playlist with calm good for breathing songs. Right now, Dar Williams is up. Her concert is tonight. I worked on the street team and I was going to meet her. Not gonna happen, I know.

There’s talk of me getting discharged today but “The Boss” is adamant that I eat and retain something before that happens (Remember, the boss is also my roommate and maybe she thinks that plumbing just can’t handle any more JamiePuke).

A nurse comes in with breakfast. We had a number of cute male nurses overnight but no such luck for this meal. Breakfast is toast and it arrives in a covered dish. Excellent presentation for something as simple as toast. You can guess what happened a few moments later and after that it’s obvious I’m not going anywhere today.

Teri returns from grabbing food and proudly tells us that she wanted to get something delicious like a cheeseburger but opted for healthy. I would have been extra delighted had it been a Super Food, though it wasn’t.

Speaking of healthy, it’s also around this time that Diane brings me The Supersized Rice Krispie Treat.

At this point I’ve been four full days without a shower. All they can give me is industrial strength handi-wipes. I guess all I’m getting is a bed bath. There’s no cute male nurse around so Teri gets the job of helping me out.

I feel slightly more human as they wheel me from the ER to the patient tower.

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