Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Second Place for Team Bob Saget

But who cares now that Tir Na Nog is serving brownie fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip? Now, isn't whipped cream a standard sundae fixin'? The sundae arrive sans whipped cream. I asked the waitress for some whipped cream and this is what we got.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dar On Tour.

Dar Williams is coming to North Carolina mid August. Hooray! Diane and I volunteered to be on the street team which means free tickets and a meet and greet with Dar. Hooray!

Street Team means between the two of us distributing 800 flyers in the Triangle area. Hooooorrrrific thing to have to do on a really really really hot Sunday but we sweated it out and distributed about 500 of them that afternoon.

We were also given a JPG to post online. Since Jamie's Drama is as high traffic as it can get, here it is. For all the impressions this thing gets, is that less posters I have to distribute?!

After posters we had dinner and a movie at Hal's. We watched a modern day Hamlet movie. I enjoyed it but was so tired from the Tri and poster hanging that I fell asleep during the last 30 minutes.

Mars v Venus

This morning marks the long awaited (a week and a half?) meeting of Team Mars (boyz) and Team Venus (girlz) in a relay triathlon.

The night before the Tri Candace and Rich hosted a carb-loading feast at their house.

Team Venus was me (bike), Barb (run) and Candance (swim).

Team Mars was Adam (bike), Rich (run/Candace Husband), and Greg (swim).

And here are just the six of us

The ride was OK. Not as pretty as the last one. Hilly. And all the downhills were followed by a sharp curve so I never got any of that speed back on the uphills.

Barb rocked the run. She ran a 5K at a 7:20 minutes per mile pace. Barb rules! Candace also had a PR for her swim. Go us!

In the end, though, Team Mars prevailed. But not by much.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adopt Our Orphans

Remember our scary kittens? Not so scary anymore.

Diane has done a fantastic job socializing these little boys and girl and they're on the adoption circuit. On Saturday morning we load up our Orphan kitties (Fagan, Oliver, Dodger and Rose) and head to Petco. Or Petsmart. There's some excitement on the way over. Fagan projectile vomits in the carrier and gets it all over Rose. And of course as soon as he pukes the Dodger and Oliver go right in to taste it. De-lish!

We walk into the pet store and there is a display of cages filled with little kitties and volunteers right as you walk in. Brilliant!

Er, nope. For the second time I have been betrayed upon entrance into this store. That prime real estate doesn't belong to the organization that provided us with the scary feral kitties. We're in the back. In an area that is barely the width of an isle. And there are tons of cats there. Ours are in the second layer of cat cages barely visible.

I don't give up. I slyly go to the front of the store and approach someone who is playing with the kitties. "They're are more in the back!" I whisper. Turns out that person is a volunteer not a potential adopter. Caught. Trying to poach. Ooooops.

I take Fagan out of the cage and carry him in my arms. I noticed someone looking at the kittens. I walk right up and say "Want to hold their brother?" Who can say no to that. The man holds Fagan for quite some time but not a taker.

I see a couple eying the kitties. I introduce them. "Fagan, Oliver..." The couple says "Awww, we just lost our cat Oliver. We had him for 18 years." Perfect, I think. Oliver is adopted. Nope.

So, we leave in no better shape than we came. Actually in worse shape. I have a few kitty scratches.

Happy Christmas in July.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Barb and I decided to tackle this week's long run of 9 miles on the American Tobacco Trail right after work.

We did a nice long stretch and then off we went. Our paces are quite far apart so we start off together but Barb is immediately in front of me and quickly disappears. I'm at a happy pace - trying to keep it even and I have no idea what 9 miles really feels like.

The American Tobacco trail is mile marked. I pass the .25 mark on the trail. I glance at my i-Pod and Nike Plus tells me I've run .27 miles. I think nothing of it.

I pass the 3 mile mark and Nike Plus tells me I've run 3.7 miles.

I consider for just a moment that the American Tobacco Trail is wrong. I've put my faith and trust and nascent running career in the hands of this little device. It can't be wrong.

It is wrong. I feel a small sense of betrayal. And I feel a small sense of defeat. I felt like I was barely hanging on a string in terms of keeping up with miles and running at a good pace. And now to learn I've gone less miles at a slower pace. Disheartening. Especially for someone like me who loves precision and tracking. It's all undermined.

Barb, miles ahead of me realizes the same thing and thinks of me. I've also thought of her when I noticed it too. When we pass each other (it's a there and back trail so that will happen) we almost in unison explain that the Nike Plus isn't properly calibrated.

Needless to say, the run takes us much longer than planned. Barb does the full 9 I do 8.5. We left our clothes at the YMCA. YMCA closes at 7:30. At 7:40 I am still on the trail. Luckily, Barb has gotten my stuff. But I'm still a sweaty disgusting mess with plans in Durham. I need a shower. Luckily the downtown Y is open to 9. I arrive at 8:40 (we take post run stretching very seriously). The woman is like "We close at 9." I tell her I'm just there to take a shower. At 9:00 pm on a Friday night I get kicked out of the locker room.



This was moving week at work. I'm one of the few folks who didn't move anywhere. The thing is that everyone around me did. And all the people who are going to sit by me are to be hired. So, I'm alone.

I'm actually liking it. It's quiet but open. Couches nearby. And the best view of the Bulls stadium in the agency. In fact, a few days after the move there was a big concert (Dylan, Nelson, Mellencamp) at the stadium. That brought people swarming to my area.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Counting Pennies.

I can't count to ten.
I mean I can. But not when I'm swimming.
I have the hardest time keeping track of how many laps I've done. I much prefer to get into the zone when I'm doing laps and get lost in my thoughts or think about form and drag instead of thinking 1-1-1-1 the whole lap through.

So, I ordered a lap-counter. It's a ring type watch thing you wear on your index finger. You push a button on the device with your thumb. Easy.

I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a lap counter when I went swimming this week. In the meantime, I used pennies to count. I put a pile of pennies on the white painted 3 (as in three feet depth). Every time I did a lap the pennies moved onto the black painted area around the three. Brilliant, right?

So I'm swimming and I'm happy and I'm really high on the laps (as evidenced from all the pennies in the black area) and I'm about to finish a lap and what do I see on the floor or the pool?

Yes, my pennies.

And what do I see on the deck of the pool?

A toddler. Smiling with one of my pennies in her hand.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crab and Steak

Went to Greater Charlotte (Mooresville) for the weekend for a visit to la famiglia de Adam.

For lunch Adam bought crabs. Played with them before boiling them. Yick.

Dinner was much better. We had steak. Courtesy of my mommy (she had sent the steak as a thank you gift for Easter hospitality. Yum.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrilling Day.

I went to a seminar today at sponsored by SAS and JMP. It was interesting but a bit over my head. I got a nice water bottle out of it.

After said seminar I picked up a tri suit. No hiding in one of those, yeesh.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Team Bob Saget. Second Place.

Team Bob Saget came in a very respectable second place tonight. Also, I was delighted to learn that there were dessert options beyond the fruit cobblers and stuff listed on the menu. Ice Cream Brownie Sundae. Delicious. Hal did an awesome dance that I caught on video. I am searching for that file. Work it Hal in your 1$ shirt. I'm a model you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Cats, Little Cats.

Diane's birthday was on July 6th but we celebrated it today with a kitty party. First, we visited the Carnivore Preservation Trust and saw some big kitties

After we saw big kitties, we went to Mary's house and do what all good geeks do. We played games. But first, please note the awesome decorations by Mary. I told Mary I had some balloons. Then I realized I only had black balloons. Then I remembered the kitties and Mary took it from there.

Mary also recalled that Diane mentioned the only reason (or one of the reasons?) she wanted to go on a cruise was because they fold towels in neat shapes. To heck with a cruise ship, once again, crafty Mary makes it happen.

Then we played the The Great Dal-Moody. I thought the Dal Moody's weren't bossy enough. I never got to be the Dal-Moody. Here are some good hat shots of the lesser Dal-Mooody.

And here are some nice flower shots of the Greater Dal Moody.

After Dal Moody we played Cranium. The best moment was the all play when the action was break dancing.

Adam got it before we hit the floor. Clever boy.

I like this shot of us all giving each other high fives. Because we're so awesome.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Running, wedding and sleeping.

Did a long run this morning with Candace and the Jeff Galloway runners. I felt a little guilty because I've been following Hal Higdon's running program (who I just learned went to Carleton ----- yeah!). In fact, it was the day that they were taking the group picture for the season and Candace and I decided it was easier for me to be in the picture then to not so that was a funny thing. It was evidence that I had cheated on Hal! Anyway, the Galloway method is to walk/run. I was in the 1030 pace group that had me running three and walking one. I really liked being in the pace group - helped me stay steadier and faster than I would be otherwise. And the walk run thing was OK too. It was a nice little affair but I'm back with Hal.

After that I went to Laura Windley's wedding. It was at the Hope Valley Country Club with a vintage theme. So awesome. I only have two pictures from the wedding. Both of food (sigh). The cake and a huge piece of meat.

After the wedding Diane, Adam and I came back to our place and took a nap. I'm not a good napper so I was up and about after about 45 minutes. Adam emerged another 45 minutes later. Diane never emerged. I actually got a little worried about her. I thought about checking in on her but I hate waking people up. But then again, what if she was dead or dying or something? That's definitely worse than waking someone up.

I went to bed and was still thinking about Diane not emerging from her room. I also totally forgot she has a bathroom in there so I was getting concerned that she hadn't even been out to pee. And wasn't on IM or Facebook or anything.

That next Sunday morning at 7 am it just got to me and I knocked on her door. Of course she was fine. Sigh.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

My first and shortest "long run"

6 miles. Running through the woods behind Barb. I love running in the woods, except through spiderwebs. We had some hills in there too.

And this completes all the running for Week One.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Glasses, Passes & Public Enemies.

Many errands including a trip to "Specs" at Southpoint (recommended by Bengt who got his funky glasses at Specs) because apparently men do make passes at women who wear glasses.

We were all trying on specs but Diane was the one with a real mission. There was a very funny moment when she put on a pair and asked "What do you think?" We all laughed not because the glasses didn't look good, but because they were about the same pair Bengt already owned.

So, we all paid homage to Bengt and his specs.

Bengt and his ladies. Apparently women make passes at men who wear glasses.

After Specs, saw this film with pals. Not a fan.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

And I broke the ten minute mile mark.

Baby steps for Babies!

On a trail. With hills. I was chasing Barb. That speeds me up.

First "long run" this Saturday. Six miles. Going to try to do it somewhere on the Raleigh course. Have yet to run that long. Going to take it slooooow.