Thursday, December 19, 2002

Who is Jamie? What is her drama? I am debating whether or not I should keep a blog. I know a few people who are Blogger-fiends and I lurk on their sites occasionally. The only issue is that the things anyone would be interested in reading about me or my dramatic? life are probably not the types of things that should be posted on the web. I'm also not much of a writer in any sort of professional capacity so there will be no clever Dawn Eden headlines. I am not writing a book nor do I have the desire to do so. Once upon a time I wrote a line about Ayn Rand in a New School advertisement that ended up all over the New York City subways.

I work in advertising. My official title is "Account Executive" and I love having my name and the word "executive" on a business card. Heck, I love having a business card. I've worked on all sorts of accounts including: Jesse Ventura (MN Gov), Rolling Rock, Dos Equis, Labatt Blue beer, Burger King, Scotts Miracle Gro and others.

Speaking of Burger King I just bought three of the Simpsons watches. Mmmmm Burgers. I'm hungry. I'm eating Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.