Sunday, March 13, 2005

I escaped Minnesota. Thank goodness. I don't know how the hell I ended up there again after hating it so much the first time around. Well, I do. I did love working at Fallon and that was so wonderful it was actually worth the tundra temps and 3:30pm sunsets.

So I'm back in New York City. But I'm finding that New York is also cold. Somehow I thought when I left Minnesota I would just never be cold again. But sadly, that's not true. So I'm looking at jobs in Miami and San Fran. No, I'm not just looking there to be warm. I'm a bit more of a careerist than that. There's a great agency in Miami called Crispin Porter + Bogusky. They are hot hot hot right now. They do Mini BMW, Ikea, Burger King (, Molson Beer and a bunch of other cool stuff. The agency in San Fran is called Goodby Silverstein and Partners. Either would be great. Of course, staying in New York city and working somewhere here is also an option.

Not only am I cold all the time I'm also hungry all the time. So I've started the South Beach Diet (again). It was sort of out of necessity. I got a freelance advertising job and realized that my work wardrobe doesn't fit anymore. If I don't lose some weight I'll have to spend more money on work clothes than I'll earn working. Messed up, no?

It is a beautiful day. But I have a bit of a fever. The other night I couldn't sleep and from 1am to 2am I watched American Mullet. Ah, TV.

I can't wait for it to get warm enough so I can SWIM.

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