Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday August 10th, afternoon

Princess and I return home and I fall asleep. I wake up to find Teri painting our foyer. We had chosen some colors the day before and since she was alone in my apartment in the middle of a hot day she just got to work.

I help out for ten minutes but damn, painting is harder work than I thought because I keep on needing to lie down. Teri teases me about being sick just when work gets started.

There’s some late afternoon nausea and I end up feeling much much better so I offer to help.

I am given the job of taping and shortly thereafter I am relieved because, well, I’m not a very good taper.

Bengt arrives to help and he is given the job of doing touch ups. Shortly thereafter he is relieved because, well, he’s not a very good toucher-upper.

Adam arrives with pizza! And, he turns out to be a pretty good taper, damn him.

In addition to painting Teri and I also take on reorganization of the living room. Diane has a lot of games and I suggest building a shelf in the water heater closet and storing them there. Later on I learn this suggestion does not make game loving roommate particularly happy.

We move my leaning bookshelf and I put everything back on it. Teri doesn’t approve. She claims I have too many knick knacks. I have eight knick knacks. My roommate has 200+ wind up toys. One of my knick knacks is something Teri gave me. I offer to give it back to her to cut down on knick knacks, but somehow that one is salvaged.

Teri does some rearranging and some of Diane’s stuff ends up on my bookshelf to which I respond “I don’t want to mix our stuff like we’re married.”

Teri goes back painting and I quickly put the shelf back to the way I like it.

We're working furiously. Diane is coming home soon and we want to surprise her, just like on Trading Spaces or something.

Diane comes home and is surprised. In a good way. But also in a not so good way. The Foehl Sister’s Whirlwind went a little too far dissembling of the apartment and even I'm feeling a bit disoriented by it.

But still, check out this fab foyer.

I fall asleep with the smell of paint fumes in the air.

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Susan Mo said...

The foyer is quite fabulous.