Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday August 11th, at work

Teri drives (my car!) to Richmond today to visit a friend so it’s back to work for me. Client visit on Thursday so I’m busy, busy firming up details and getting back into the swing of things.

Around Tuesday late afternoon I feel really tired and a little out of it. Only three days out of the office and I’m having so much trouble getting back into the rhythm. They really need to bring back mid afternoon snack. It’s Tuesday and I could go for some cheese and crackers right now. Maybe it’s just summertime. Maybe it’s just being 32.

Right now, I sit in an area of the office that is somewhat deserted – the seats are being held for new hires. I do get the occasional visitor (in part because there’s a great view of the Durham Bulls stadium where I sit) and today Brad (the CEO) stops by. We both have connections to New Hampshire and we chat about it.

After that I’m stare at my computer but I have no idea what I’m in the middle of doing.

And then, don’t ask me how I got there, I’m underneath my desk. And there's Andrea. She's talking to me but I’m not really sure what she’s saying. She brings me some tea. Apparently she and I were on IM and my responses got weird and then just stopped.

What the hell was I doing under my desk? I’m a little amused by the fact that this all happened unobserved because for the time being I sit all by myself in this corner of the building. But, I really don’t need to add any more quirky to my work persona and this is just weird.

I need to lie down. I make my way to the meditation room, lie down, there’s some nausea (that’s a nice way of saying I vomited) and I realize that I need to go home. And I won’t be able to drive myself. I used my roommate’s car to get to work today so I’m going to have to strand it at McKinney. I think she would prefer stranded car at McKinney versus me driving her car while not feeling quite right. Right, Diane?

Andrea offers to bring me home and I wait in the McKinney lobby for her to pick me up. Barb walks by and we talk but I have no idea about the topic of our brief conversation.

Then Brad (McKinney CEO) walks by and jokes about me waiting in our reception area “Do you have an appointment with a McKinney employee?” I don’t remember how or if I responded. Brad is a very accessible CEO but it’s a little uncanny that I talk to him twice in a day both times in my not so great state.

So much for taking 32 by the reigns.

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