Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday August 10th, morning

I'm off work today to spend time with Princess. It's "long run" day and I'm pumped to do my ten miles. I'm a touch tired from the triathlon but I take the long runs slow and steady so it's a different type of exertion.

It's one exit up to Umstead on I40. As I'm driving, I think I'm seeing double. Huh. Maybe I'm tired. Teri notices a change in my driving. I try to focus but still two of everything. Weird.

As we get off the exit, it seems to subside. But then I see two construction trucks and I'm positive of it. Thankfully, Teri assures me that there actually are two trucks there.

We get to Umstead and I gulp down a bit of Gatorade. I do a few stretches. I run about 30 seconds and just don't feel like it's in me. It must be the heat. For the first time, I abort a run before I've barely started.

Teri drives home.

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