Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bouncing Balboa Baby

Baby likes to bounce
Balboa involves a bounce (pulse)
Jamie likes to Balboa
Baby likes Jamie

Baby's parents are in a Bluegrass Band.
Nature (Bluegrass) or Nurture (Swing)?

I might just have a maternal bone in my body.

This week I learned Anthropologie has a wedding dress line. I'm amused that's what made me think "Hmmm, I could get married."

My apologies for doing Balboa to "Lindy Hopper's Delight." If you're going to start them young, start them right.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know you can't really understand what it means to be a parent until you are one. This read, however, quite a glimpse.

Most of the "physical drama" is that of the son. Even when the father suffers a cerebral hemorrhage his thoughts focus on his son's whereabouts.

Reading about brain bleeds makes me a little anxious. One passage brought me relief and concern.

"In the immediate aftermath of my brain hemorrhage, I complained that I had missed out on what I imagined might be a benefit of surviving a near death experience - that is, beyond the ultimate perk: still being alive. That said, I have often heard and read survivor's describe the epiphanies that came from tragedy. Their lives transformed, became simpler, with clearer priorities."

No such epiphany following my hemorrhage. I don't ever think I felt near death. Mostly, there was uncertainty. Near death or not - a brain bleed is serious stuff and I wondered if my life would change in the aftermath of the event. It didn't and this has always had me wondering (and concerned) about my ability to reflect and change. On the other hand, radical life changes in the aftermath of "trauma" also seemed like a bit of a cliche or a merchandising of the experience.

"I was judging too early. Thing have shifted since then. Just as there are stages of grieving or dying , there must be stages after a trauma because the lessons of the neuro ICU sank in over time."

It's been a year and a half since my "trauma." My life is alarmingly similar. Does that indicate lack of transformation? Not necessarily. There are surface details and then there's gradual processing and related action. I haven't entirely realized (or even formed, for that matter) a new vision yet I do question that one I've held. I question why I haven't accomplished it and then wonder if it's the right path at all. A world of contradictions?

"If only life were easier. It isn't - nor is that my goal any longer. Once I desperately wanted things to be simpler, but my worldview was broken over the course of Nic's addiction and my stay in the ICU. From them, I learned another lesson: that I can accept - in fact am relieved to accept - a world of contradictions, wherein everything is gray and almost nothing is black and white. There is much good, but to enjoy the beauty, the love, one must bear the painful."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some of the more random things I get paid to do

I've had plenty of moments at work where I've marveled at the randomness and goofiness of what I'm paid to do.  In the earlier part of the year the spokesperson (SP) for the account I work on was asked to do be present at kickoff meetings in a few different regions. 

My job?  Hang out with him.  I was some combination of being present to represent the agency other part being his handler.  His appearances were all surprises and so he needed to lay low prior to the events.  This individual is not a sit in his hotel room and chill kind of guy so in every market we set out to explore.

In Nashville we enjoyed a visit to The Hatch - a classic printing press shop I had actually used for an ad job.  They actually remembered that job.  I wondered how annoying we were.  Turns out it was just very high volume for them relative to other jobs at the time.

We had lunch at Sam's - a classic Nashville BBQ establishment and then took a tour of the Ryman.  Even though said spokesperson was in a baseball cap and not looking much like his character the woman who took his ticket recognized him and exclaimed in a delightful southern accent "You're that guy on TV!"  Another woman in the tour group also figured it out.  Her husband had no clue and commented "I feel like Elvis is standing in front of me and I don't know it."  Instead of paying attention to the tour guide, he looked up the spots on You Tube.

In NC, we passed a billboard featuring SP.  We were headed to the airport and he was texting his wife.  He took a quick look up and returned to his phone.  SP has a great sense of humor and humility so I made a funny remark about his indifference at his larger than life image.

One of the appearances was at a resort outside of Atlanta.  We contemplated horseback riding or a boat ride.  Somehow Scrabble came into the conversation and I mentioned my mad skillz.  So, on a beautiful day in a summer camp like setting we sat inside playing Scrabble.  It actually turned out to be a little bit more of a tutorial.  SP has fantastic improv & acting skills but Scrabble - not so much.  Here we are, posing as if we're in the midst of an intense play.

SP has three children.  My dad traveled a lot and I am familiar with the traveling parent needing to bring something back to the kids upon returning home.  SP's kids had some unusual requests (a doll that looks like a grownup and talks) and it was like a scavenger hunt trying to find this item (and others) during the trips.  We never located the requested items but based on what was purchased, I think SP was going to be let back in the house upon his return.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre Rolf

Rolfer: So, what's hurting?
Jamie: Have you heard of CrossFit? Well, I've been watching some videos and...
Rolfer laughs
Jamie: What's so funny?
Rolfer:You're in pain just watching the videos?
Jamie: (laughing too)I've been watching some videos and practicing the moves. Ahem.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Um, thd song goes "If you go to San Francisco" (not Orange County) then you wear flowers in your hair

Unless it's National Flower In Your Hair Month or you're Adam.
What has California done to this boy?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I was definitely at the right Super Bowl party tonight

Chit-chat during game.
Hushed during commercials.
Dead quiet during Glee.
I was definitely at the right Super Bowl party tonight.

There was some sort of pool where you wrote your name in any old box (the corresponding football scores would be determined after you placed your bet). I put my name in a box with a chili stain. I won $5.

Right party, for sure.

I rooted for the Steelers. Only because NW is a proud sponsor of the Steelers and I've met Hines Ward.