Friday, August 07, 2009

Made Maid of Honor

Every week of marathon training involves a long run. My goal this birthday weekend was to tackle the 10. I've successfully done 8.5 so I was optimistic about getting the double digits under my belt. Usually the run is done on Saturday or Sunday but with the triathlon on Sunday we decided to tackle it on Friday morning.

That was until Teri asked me to be her Maid of Honor! I can run anytime but the Maid of Honor has duties and within 10 minutes the run was shortened from 10 miles to 3 miles and I was calling dress shops making appointments. I actually decided it made more sense to do the long run on Monday after the triathlon so it all worked out.

Teri and I headed to North Hills to hit our first store. When we got there, we couldn't find the store. So we called the store and learned they're not in North Hills. Oops? But there was another bridal store there so we figured we would just check it out.

And what a fortunate mistake. It has yet to be decided but it's quite possible the first dress Teri tried on might be THE ONE. Or at least it set the right tone for what she wants. I won't say more about it just in case Teri can actually keep the dress a secret.

We spent the next two days at various dress shops. I enjoy helping Teri but I also enjoy observing the other brides, the folks they've brought along for commentary, the critical looks they give themselves in the "full length and then even more length" mirrors.

The dress shop people always look delighted when they see long legged tall Teri. Like "It's dress up time!"

It's clear as she tries on other dresses that Teri is still in love with the first one but as her bitch of honor I try to get her to try on different things just to see what she might like. I know she doesn't want a traditional wedding dress but just for kicks, I made her try some on. They weren't right but it was kind of a trip to see her in them anyway.

We decided that this dress was just somehow too mature. In my words "More of a second wedding kind of gown." Doh!

Loving Princess and being the Maid of Honor!

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