Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Too soon for heels.

New Year's Eve party tonight.  I am going.  

I sleep most of the day.  I start to get ready and realize that the getting ready part of the evening could end up being my evening.  Beauty is exhausting.

I'm supposed to be using baby shampoo only but I totally break the rules and shampoo *and* condition my hair with my grown-up designer over-priced products.  I really want to blow dry my hair but the titanium screws in my head can't yet tolerate the heat and I decide that's a rule worth following.

It's a dress up party but the host sends me a message and said that I should feel totally OK showing up in PJ's or sweats or whatever. 

Heck no.   I throw on a party dress.  I add heels.  Then I try to walk in the heels.  Okay, too soon for heels. 

My friend Mary is my chaperone.  She picks me up and is cool with taking me back home whenever I need, even if it's before midnight. 

It's 11:10 PM.  
I'm like "Yeah.  Going strong.  I'm gonna make it to midnight."

And then the crash.

It's 11:35 PM. 
I'm like "I'm about to fall over and the Christmas tree might come with me.  Home.  Now."

Mary takes me home and she heads back to the party in time for midnight.  I pour myself some Ginger Ale (it's bubbly) and fall asleep. 


Pre-party selfie while I'm waiting for my hair to dry and trying to come to terms with this outfit without heels.  

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