Thursday, December 19, 2013

The changing of the guard.

I'm wheeled to another part of the ER to get my enhanced CAT scan.

Diane has arrived.  

Earlier that evening, before anyone thought it was serious, Diane wrote the following e-mail:

"Okay.  Page me.  I'll be around.  I have to work tomorrow, unfortunately, 8-6, and can't get out of it unless you're actually dying.  But otherwise I am there for ya."

So the first thing Diane says is "I'm not here because I think you're dying."

Then she puts a headband with reindeer antlers on my head.  I'm plugged in and tied down to all sorts of wires and stuff so I guess I'm wearing it.   I'm not sure I can look any weirder than I already do.

Diane is going to stay with me overnight and help me find out what the deal is with needing surgery.  This doesn't jive with what we heard four years ago.

Dr. A shows up with the consent form.  "Not yet" I tell her. 

Dana has my cell phone and I see that Barb has tried to call back.  I've been waiting around for a while so I decide call Barb.

Jamie:  Hi Barb.  Ummmmm.  My brain is bleeding again and I'm in the hospital.

And before I can say anything someone starts to wheels me away to get the special CAT scan. 

Jamie:  I have to go.  

I can't even imagine how confused Barb is.
And my antlers are missing.

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