Monday, December 30, 2013

Service for Eight

I'm a minimalist.  And I don't cook much.  So, the fact that I only had four spoons was never really a problem for me.  I mean, you can only use one spoon at a time.  Two spoons tops.  This worked for me.  Until my dad started using my kitchen.

I had been meaning to buy flatware but every time I tried I would just stare at my options, get stressed out and leave the store.

And now I have service for eight people. 

I also bought a whisk and really small frying pan.  And then got stressed out an left the store.  

But, a few days later I went to Target and I bought ever more kitchen shit.  I was delighted that I could get so many things in orange and purple.  

One motivation for minimalism is thinking about having to move.  But, I realize I have two really large couches and having a set of mixing bowls or not isn't really going to matter.

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