Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And I guess I'm not going to trivia

I'm going to trivia tonight.
It's 6pm and I'm dressed and ready.

A postdoc from the lab has been staying with me for the past three weeks and he arrives home as I'm about to leave.

He asks "How did your thingy go today?"

I reply "I don't know.  They said they would call me."

And then I look down at my phone and see that my Dr's office is calling.  How about that?

Me:  This is Jamie.

My PA:  Hi Jamie.  I happen to be at the office late and your MRI came in and we took a look at it and your MRI is different.  You need someone to drive you to the ER.

Me:  Now?

PA:  Right now.

Me:  Um.  Okay.

My PA:  Is there someone there we can talk to?

Me: Why yes, he just walked in.  

I hand the phone to my pal.  He assures the doctor that I won't drive myself to the ER.

My PA:  What ER is nearby?

Me: Duke 

PA:  Big Duke?

Me: Yes, Big Duke.

And I guess I'm not going to trivia.


Before I go to the ER I take a shower and eat cookies.  I know what I'm doing.  Twenty minutes isn't going to make a difference.

I don't want my lab friend to get roped into what could be an ordeal.  There are tons of friends I could call who would be there in a heartbeat.  I take pause because now I have to sound an alarm that feels unnecessarily dire.
I start making calls.

Ring!  Ring!  Ring!

Dana:  Hello!

Jamie:  Do you want to have an adventure tonight?

Dana (enthusiastically): Yes!  What time?  Where?

Needless to say, I delivered on adventure.

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