Saturday, December 28, 2013

Keep up the good landscaping.

There's a nursery (like for plants, not kids) pretty much across the street from where I live.  So my dad and I head over there for plants.

We talk to the plant lady and somehow it comes up that my dad is here from Florida.  And she asks what brings him to North Carolina.  Things are probably pretty slow in the plant store in December.  And we're actually having winter-ish weather.

He says "My daughter just had brain surgery."

And the plant lady laughs because she thinks he's joking. 

And then she realizes he isn't.  

I think it's funny as ever but I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable so I say something that lightens the conversation. 

And then we buy some plants.

The garden is complete.  Well, almost complete.  My dad was planting the final pachysandra when I took this picture.  He's made all the plants modular in order to keep the weeds away.  

And, if I move the plants can come with me.  Last time my dad was in town I lived somewhere else and we spent a few hours weeding the driveway.  And then I moved.  


The neighbors are thrilled.  One of them remarks "Keep up the good landscaping."

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