Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

They've given me some pre-anthesia something or other.

"Happy Thanksgiving" I tell Barb, as they roll me away.

To anyone but Barb it might seem like the drugs had taken effect.  

But I'm perfectly coherent.  I'm just joking about a time when I wasn't coherent.  

A few years ago in February I dropped Barb off at the airport.  And I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving.  I have no idea where that came from.  In retrospect I think there's something about dropping people off at the airport and the curb-side goodbye hug that makes you want to wish them something.  So, in the middle of February "Happy Thanksgiving" popped out.

I think this is remarkably clever.

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Unknown said...

It is remarkably clever. That comes from the "Not a sense of humor, a sense of ridiculous" school of comedy, but in fact is very clever, not a ridiculous as it might appear to the untrained comedic mind.