Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pop Up MRI

On the drive down to the MRI I wonder if this is just a big waste of time and money.  I've really tried not to live under the threat that something might happen with my brain again.  That would be alarmist and unpleasant.  And furthermore, very very unlikely.

I take pause at the set-up where my MRI will be done.  It's like a pop-up MRI shop.

I've had enough MRI's to know that they can play music in there.  So I bring a CD (I still have some of those) and the technicians remark "This is a first" but play it.

During an MRI you just kind of lay there and it's noisy clanking sounds like someone emptying the dishwasher drunk.  Except there are barbells in the dishwasher.

Part of me thinks about what's happening with the imaging and it's kind of amazing.  Another part of me thinks "This takes 15 minutes and it's clanky.  This feels kind of primitive for 2013."

When it's done I ask "So, anything good?"

"We're technicians, not doctors."

I wait for a copy of my CD.  Based on last time I learned to keep your own records.  I'm told that they'll get the images over to my doctor and I'll hear back in a day or so.

Kind of anticlimactic.  I'm not sure what outcome I want or what outcomes are possible.  On one hand it would be nice to know that there's a legitimate reason I've been feeling woozy.  But, that legitimate reason might not be so nice.  

Kind of like when you gain weight and think "Well, maybe it's just because I'm pregnant."  And you're sort of happy to have an explanation for the poundage but then you remember that you think you might be pregnant.

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