Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It's Christmas.  I wake up early and empty the dishwasher.  My dad is actually still asleep and he's kind of grumpy that I was so noisy.  I tell him it's my birth right to wake up a parent on Christmas morning.

For the past few years I've celebrated Jewish Christmas with the Israeli's from the lab and few other random orphans.  We see a movie and then go to Happy China.  

I had planned on another Jewish Christmas but instead I make plans for us to join a more traditional Christmas celebration with a friend and her extended family.  There's a ham and we even hold hands and pray before we eat.  My dad is very religious, this is kind of a big holiday for Christians and today is also my dad's birthday.

We do, however, close out Christmas Day however with Israeli food.  The dish pictured below is called majadara.  It's delicious. 

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