Thursday, December 19, 2013

Please meow at her like a police siren. She will understand.

Barb is going to stay with me throughout the surgery.  

I give Barb my cell phone and gmail password so she can send updates during surgery and manage communication.  As much as I appreciate the support and concern from friends, it can be overwhelming.

Also, there's no texting while having brain surgery.  I'm going to be completely under for this.  In a way I have it much easier than concerned friends and family.  I just shut my eyes and then wake up (or not, in which case my own anxiety won't be the problem).  Everyone else will be on edge for the next few hours.  The e-mail updates from Barb help with that.  

Except Barb has no idea how to use G-mail.  

Who doesn't know how to use G-mail? 

She figures it out.  

I'm not sure if it helped or hurt that in the time before surgery I ask Barb to send e-mails about really random and unimportant things like a thank you note I've been meaning to write and expense reports.

I don't even remember asking Barb to write this one.  But e-mail doesn't lie.

From: Jamie
Sent: ‎12/‎19/‎2013 1:25 PM
To: Colin
Subject: Jamie Says

Goat Noise.  She is on drugs, but is sure you'll know what this means :)  This is her friend Barb.

On Dec 19, 2013, at 1:25 PM, Colin wrote:

Thanks. Please meow at her like a police siren. She will understand.

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