Saturday, October 25, 2008

The truth is, I fall asleep like that all the time.

Head to Pittsboro to acquire a Halloween Costume at a Vintage shop called "Beggars & Choosers."

On the way stop in Chapel Hill, hang out at a hair salon and then have lunch at "Buns" (apparently, this place is famous, how have I never heard of it?)

Meet up with friends that night for Thai food in some strip mall on Route 55.

While we're waiting for said friends wander into a Big Lots. I've never been in such a store but I walk out with an inexpensive bottle of toothpaste and a box of 90 calorie snack bars. I still don't really understand the theme or organization of the store, tho. Cheap stuff that's maybe defective but safe enough to sell?

Dinner was delicious. So much tastier than my Africa diet of Clif Bars.

After dinner, we head back to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas." A Halloween and Christmas movie all rolled into one. I love it. For the first five minutes. Then I fall asleep. I'm in the presence of friends so I blame it on the jet lag but the truth is, I fall asleep like that all the time.

Pumpkins were supposed to be carved this night. Well, that'll have to wait. There's a Pumpkin carving contest I want to win. It's for my building. I'm hoping nobody else will enter.

I am happy to be home. Even in the rain.

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