Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Report: The candy is for the kids

Halloween. I found a skimpy little number at a costume shop in Pittsboro called Beggars and Choosers. Go Cowboys.

I wore it dancing on Thursday Night at Loafers.

There was a costume contest. I lost to a chicken.

Wore the costume to work the next day. Wore a G rated version for most of the day.

But I whipped out the skimpy bit for the contest (the prize was a free day of PTO).

But, I lost to a Christmas Tree.

Then, went do Dirty South Improv and did another contest. Lost to a dragon. I'm indignant.

After DSI, went to a dance event and did the contest there (like the pageants - I was on a circuit). I entered the sexy costume contest. In one of the rounds, I almost lost to a sheep. Even though I danced with the sheep.

I even tried to work it with the judge. I also said to him "Chris, I've lost costume contests to a chicken, a Christmas Tree and a dragon. Please, please, I can't lose to a sheep. Especially not in the sexy costume category. I didn't win the contest, but I beat that damn sheep.

There was one contest I won during the Halloween Season. Sort of. Pumpkin carving. See the masterpiece below. The reason I say "sort of" is because I was more an apprentice than the master of this one. It's called "David & Goliath."

I really thought skimpy would win me something. Oh well.

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