Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day Five

I get on the internet one more time in the morning and send birthday wishes to Jerry Fields and Kelly Quinn. “Happy Birthday – from the other side of the world” – that’s pretty cool, no?

With a bit of trepidation, I get in the jeep for our last day of Safari at Lake Mayanara. It reminds me of goKARTing with co-workers a few weeks back.

We stop to see some hippos. Something about the observation area feels like a driving range to me.

We try to talk about politics with our guide over lunch. We have noticed some enthusiasm for Obama over here and that’s exciting. But, according to Joseph, they also like Bush. Apparently, Bush has visited the country several times and the people perceive his visits to be indicative of a good relationship with their president.

As we drive through the towns, I see plenty of goats and I am reminded of Ellen. Wherever there are goats, there will be thoughts of Ellen. Forever!

We see another turned over vehicle. Oh dear.

Teri is planning on scuba diving when we get to Zanzibar. She asks me if I have any interest in going snorkeling at the same time. Teri used to have a fear of sharks and I ask her about overcoming that. One thing she explains is that sharks tend to get prey and attack from above, not below. So, as a scuba diver, she’s safer. So, as a snorkler, I’m bait. My sister wants to bring me along as shark bait? Bitch.

We arrive back to the Onsea house. It’s nice to wash off the dust. The trek starts the next day and we meet our guide, Nicky, for an equipment check. I’m nervous. Mind over matter he tells us – and that’s when I know I’m screwed.

Later on, the power goes out. As we’re packing. It’s a little disorienting and the hotel staff doesn’t really reach out and let us know what’s going on or how the power loss affects things. And here comes the pun – we feel a little left in the dark.

I still am clinging to my picture of home. Like Linus and his blanket.

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