Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen & Seventeen

Ah, Shooting Star. This is where the days really all run together because it all pretty much consisted of the same things.

Jamie: Eat, read, nap, swim, walk and write.
Teri: Eat, read, nap, swim, walk and scuba.

So this entry will cover day fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen of our adventure in Africa.

It was a very romantic resort. There were flowers on our honeymoon bed. Everyone thought Teri and I were lesbians.

All things considered (spending every waking moment with each other) Teri and I got along quite well. There were a few fights here and there (surprisingly most about clothes).

On our last day, we took a romantic walk on the beach to celebrate our sister-ship.

Now, to the important adventures of the trip. Like looking for our laundry. The funniest thing in this clip is when my face goes from bitchy to friendly.

Teri attempts to do a video tour of the resort. I don't think what she shows below is a "typical African hut" - rather, it's a "typical hut at a resort in Africa." There's a difference.

Am I always this rude to Teri?

We pretend to be models on the beach
I read a lot. I quickly went through all the books I had brought and was pleased when I found a bookshelf of novels left behind. I noticed "DaVinci" on the spine of one of the books and thought to myself "Ok, maybe it's time to read the DaVinci code." When I pulled the book out, I realized I was out of luck. It was The DaVinci Kodden.

Right book, wrong language.

Some shots of our paradise

Goodbye Shooting Star.

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