Sunday, October 26, 2008

I would've felt like Elle in Legally Blond.

For all the books I read in Africa, I forgot to bring my book club book, so I spent much of today reading. Book Club meets on Tuesday. I organized this thing and will likely be moderating so I think it's best to, you know, read the book.

There's also a dance in Durham tonight - "Hot Club of Durham." I can practically see the venue from my house so it makes sense to go. If I can remember how to dance. I'm supposed to dress up so I put on a weird dress that I haven't had the opportunity to wear since my goodbye party in NYC. Adam wears some eyeliner.

Most people took "dress up" to mean "go vintage." As in, dress up like a Swing Dancer. Oops. At least I left the Halloween costume at home. I wouldn've felt like Elle in Legally Blond.

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