Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day Eight, Day Three Trek

We wake up in the clouds. Teri is outside in photography heaven. People are singing church music. I drown it out with Louisiana Fairytale on my iPod. I’m trying to make the battery last as long as possible but I end up making it “tradition” (can something really become a tradition after a few days?) to listen to that song in the morning. It’s uplifting.

This is also the day we start to do our “Real World” confessionals using the video function on my camera. These videos tell the story of the trip much better than this blog, so when available, I will post them.

Sunday morning on the mountain. This is not the most flattering camera angle but the video is funny enough to post.

We have a very short hike to Mawenzi Camp. En route, Teri captures me rocking it out to Louisiana Fairytale.

I feel a little bit like an asshole with my iPod but I’m over it after eight counts.

In the afternoon we are meant to take an acclimatization hike. Teri and I are a little disoriented when we arrive

We hang out in the tent. I have a book. Teri can’t stand that I’m reading and not interacting with her. She is acting very silly – the altitude must be getting to her. I mean, she’s silly all the time, but this is extra silly. Even though I act all annoyed when she tries to give me wet willies and distract me from reading it’s kind of funny and some of her tactics are very clever, some very juvenile.

And here comes the funniest moment of the trip, hands down (funnier than heels or the guy in jean shorts). I’m reading, and all of a sudden these there earphones, that look a lot like eyes hovering above my book to the tune of Michael Jackson’s beat it. This gets me to stop reading. And, the earphones make an encore presentation.

We take the acclimatization hike. I love my sister dearly, but I do feel the need to be in just my own company for an hour or so and I decide to come down the ridge with a guide. When I get to the bottom of the mountain who do I see but midlife crisis group. I enjoy talking to them for a bit but I find it funny that when they ask me “Why did you come down separately” and I say “I just wanted a little solitude” that they keep talking to me. I didn’t even realize I was dropping a hint until I said it.

Teri comes back. We talk to French lady for a bit as well as Team Midlife Crisis, are told to "Eat" and then to sleep.

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