Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Nine Trip, Day Four Trek

I wake up convinced I’ve grown a third nostril. I was out in the sun too long yesterday talking to the French lady and the sunburn is on my nose. Teri feels a little crappy too. So, in order to lift our spirits, we make a video.

During the hike, Teri takes some riveting video.

We loose a ton of altitude today but all the up and down is deliberate.

We make a stop and I show everyone a swing dance video from Bull City Stompede that was still on my camera. They like Nina’s swivels. Yes, I am going to bring Lindy Hop to Mt. Kili. Oh yes I am.

Zebra stone we saw along the way.

We arrive at the Horombo Camp which is along the path of the Machame Route. The guides refer to this route as the “Coca-Cola” path. It’s the easier, most traveled route and has more amenities on the way than coach class on Delta airlines (I’m writing this blog from coach class on Delta airlines, by the way).

Cabins? C'mon.

Once again, we’ve got time chill out. Much to Teri’s disappointment, I whip out a book. One of the lines that I read in the book strikes me as funny and it becomes a recurring rejoinder for our trip.

“Breakthroughs begin with breakdowns”

Before dinner Charles-moto brings us hot water to wash our hands. I think the only way for me to describe how dirty we are is to share the somewhat nasty fact that our snot was black.

I am determined to get rid of my “dirt manicure” and devote a lot of time and energy to getting clean hands. I have clean hands. Hooray. Well, you be the judge.

At dinner, Charles-moto bring us soup. This time it’s pumpkin soup. Truth be told, I think we have been served the same soup the whole trip though and they just call it something different each day. I guess that’s what we get for our not so aggressive appetites.

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Emily said...

I totally agree with your soup theory! By the third night of the climb we were all pretty convinced that the carrot soup tasted just like the cucumber soup (or whatever other "variant" they were claiming to serve).