Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day Eleven Trip, Day Six Trek

So fast forward a bit. Teri made the summit this morning. I did not. I turned around early and headed back to Arusha.

I’m writing this blog about two months after I’ve been back (12.19.08) I kind of waffle in terms of my feelings about not making the summit. As I hiked down I felt a sense of relief getting off the mountain. And then I was just enjoying the rest of the trip. When I came home I had to tell everyone that I didn’t make it. But I gave myself a lot of credit for just stepping foot on Mt. Kili.

Two months later, I wonder if I had might have had more in me. I don’t know that physically I could have made it to the top (and Teri, in the nicest way, confirmed that) but I also think that mentally, I could have gone farther.

I’m asking Teri to write a guest post about the summit. In the meantime, I’ll post a few videos and pictures of her up there.

She looks a little goofy. I think it’s the altitude. I am still so proud of her.

Teri actually breezed down the mountain, after she summit so that she could re-unite with me. Here she is, reminding me how hard core and awesome and fast she is.

And here she is. Done.

So, while Teri is still on Kili, I’m back in Arusha at The Impala Hotel. I pretty much spend the whole day reading, listening to a book on tape on my iPod, going online, then rinse, wash, and repeat. It’s great.

I'm sitting by the pool reading. It's not as relaxing as it sounds because it's kind of chilly and there's a lot of street noise. I see a rat like animal on the other side of the pool. Then I see a hotel staff person crush it with his shoe. Ewww.

I might have spent a bit too much time in my head. And, a little bit of uncharacteristic negativity surrounds me.

I also copied down a passage from a book I was reading that I think spoke to how distance can affect things.

“It had to be one of her spells. Until they got together there was nothing he could do. The best you could do on the telephone was contain the fire. Keep a fear or anxiety from escalating. You could not stamp it out. Only touch did that. They had never been separated so long.”

Around 6:00pm I’m at the computer when a very dirty and smelly Teri surprises me. I’m thrilled to see her. And, I was a little scared of my hotel room so I’m glad I won’t have to stay in it alone tonight.

Before Teri totally crashes, we have dinner at the Italian restaurant. I order Pasta Arrabiata. It takes forever to arrive and when it does it’s so gross. I eat one noodle and am done. It is so bad, I crave the Kili soup (well, not really). The waitress comes over and I tell her I’m done. She take the plate and there is about ten minutes of conversation between her, the cook, and other staff before she comes back and asks me if I would like something else. I get the pizza. It tastes like cardboard. It’s delicious.

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