Sunday, June 26, 2011

Smile Train Triathlon Take Two. Two years later.

  • I lost a contact lens in the pool. So, I the ride and run with one eye closed.
  • On Friday and Saturday my Achilles were on ice and I was hobbling around. I was able to run the whole damn hilly course.
  • My swim rank was #34 out of 152 women. Had I not got stuck behind slowpoke I might have trimmed down my time further but learning to pass is a skill in and of itself.
  • I set a race personal record for biking.
  • I did the Tri with my extraordinary pal Barb. This whole Tri thing two years ago was her idea. I got hooked on the triathlons she got hooked on running and did a marathon. She was kind enough to share her magic marathon socks with me. It was our special bond. Barb needs a different bike but otherwise the girl rocked it.

Here's the video story of the triathlon set to none other than Dar Williams and Lindy Hop.

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