Sunday, June 12, 2011

No flip turns.

After an 8 year hiatus, I did an one mile open water swim race.
The last time was in the Hudson. I think I needed to show proof of shots for that one.

This morning's race was in Lake Jordan (North Carolina).

Of course, it started off with a live pre-race broadcast. With me interviewing me.

It was kinda neat to look out and see the whole mile. Somehow looking at the pool and thinking "X number of laps" isn't quite the same.

After the pre-race interview of course there was the pre-race photo shoot featuring me and my classic LL Bean catalog pose. I am leaning against a pole on the dock that didn't make it into frame. The "photographer" had been up early. I am trying to look wistfully off into the distance but I can't help grinning.

It was a fun swim. The placement of one of the sighting buoys was a little wonky if you know anything about geometry. Pace was good and seemed consistent.

Here's the post race recap. Equally as thrilling as the pre-race footage.

Next time (I'm thinking next month, not a decade) I won't start in the back even if it means getting kicked in the face and I won't hesitate to pass people who for whatever reason "lined up" for the finish. And, I'll make sure my Martha Stewart anklet is on tight since that thing almost fell off.

I did go to Cross Fit after. Just because I'm that hard core. Actually, I was hardly hard core. I think many of the other swimmers were Ironman trainees. As soon as the swim ended a ton of people were off on bike for who knows how long.

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