Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pimping Out My Saab

I was doing reasonably well with running prior to a hiatus I had to take for medical reasons.  When I say "reasonably" I mean I was putting in some good distances.  I always found the first 3 to 4 miles the toughest and after that it was just a matter of settling in and I just kept going.  But I have always been really really slow. 

Running is part of what we do a Cross Fit, but as Cross Fit Paul aptly pointed out, it's not viewed as a skill.  I do think we take running for granted since it's something we all do - but not well.  What I like about Cross Fit Paul is that he saw a need and now he's running (haha) the Endurance Workout of the Day (WOD) at Cross Fit.  I took my first class today at 6:15am.  I warned Paul that I was good and slow.  He's confident in his method and abilities and assured me I would be just fine with the drills that were part of the program.

First, stretching.  A tennis or lacrosse ball can be your best friend here.  Then an "easy" 800m (1/2 mile) meant to be run as a group.  I was the caboose.  Paul is an advocate of pose running so all the drills and tips were focused on form.  I was pleased to learn he was a fan of minimalist shoes and gave my Vibrams a thumbs up (I love those things - so much easier to respond to a coach saying "On your heels" when you don't have inches of shoe between your heel and the floor).

And then the WOD.   Run up Geer street for 45 seconds, turn around and run down.  Given that it's the second half of the run, but you're doing "downhill" Paul estimated our times up and down should be equal (for a total of 1m 30 s running time).  For all the reading I've done about running I've never been great at understanding things like split & negative intervals but with Paul's timex on my wrist (thank for the loaner) I was kinda getting it.

After the run you went right into tire tossing.  Flip over these monsters five times starting with a squat.  After that, you rest for ninety seconds and then you do the same 45 seconds up the hill and back down but you end with 10 box jumps on the tire.  Repeat Run, Tire Toss, Rest, Run, Box Jump, Rest x 4 and you're done.

Here's me in the midst of a tire roll (and a sunburn).  And major calf pain that would catch up to me on Friday.  Big time.
"That tire isn't going to flip itself.  Nice job!" - Paul, CFD Endurance Coach
I'm getting ready to pimp my ride.  My Saab.  Monster tires.

I'm excited about working on running.  It's a tough one for me and as much as I want to get better, I need a push and some tips.  And now I've got that.  

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