Monday, June 27, 2011

Ashley's Workout of the Day: The Assignment

Ashley, the form queen coach at Cross Fit, tasked us with the following assignment

The rules are simple. We have to list 10 physical things that we like about ourselves regarding our looks or things that we can do. Characteristic traits aren't allowed because they're too easy of an out.

I love my nose.

I can pull off short hair (I especially like my left side profile)

I’m a pretty swimmer (I have thirteen summer at camp and synchronized swimming to thank for that) and my endurance is pretty good too (just placed 34th out of 152 women for the swim portion of a triathlon)

I’m also a really good skier. I was on the ski team in high school. I can do squats while skiing.

I like to be upside down (handstands) or in the air (aerials). I laugh when I do either.

I’m left handed and which makes me a better candidate than expected to open a jar of something (lefty-loose-y).

I find my weaknesses & flaws (physical and otherwise) more amusing than frustrating. I laugh at myself easily.

I have no doubt that with training and time I will be able to do a pull-up. This has been my goal since 2007.

I’m bold enough to “play” to my weaknesses. Instead of improving what I’m already good at, I work on areas where I need improvement (kinesthetic activities like running, dancing and almost everything we do at Cross Fit).

I’m just a touch above average height. Given that I'm the shortest person in my family it took me a while to realize that. I like my height.

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