Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pulling Up

In early 2007 I decided it was my goal to do a pull-up.  This goal appeared on whatever list provided me the opportunity to broadcast it (New Year's Resolutions, intakes with trainers, etc).  Four years later I still can't do a pull-up.  I don't wake up every morning fretting about this or anything.  I've got lots of goals and my focus on them varies.

Since I started a Cross Fit I actually haven't really focused on the pull-up.  That's part of the program.  Constantly varied.  At Cross Fit I use a green band to assist me with a pull-up.  I love those damn bands.  They allow you to experience the motion of a move while you're building up strength to do the move.

Anyway, today I graduated.  I showed up for the 11:00 workout of the day and was the only person in attendance (no church or Father's Day plans for me).  So, I had the Coach all to myself.  He customized a workout for me that included pull-ups.  I grabbed my trusty green band and did a few pull-ups while Coach Paul observed.  It was apparent to him (and a few folks hanging around from the 10:00 that I was ready to "graduate" to a band that made me do more work.  Blue/Red combo as pictured below.   

Hip Hip Hooray.  Progress.  Actually, if I want to sound like I kind of know what I'm talking about that would be "Kip, Kip, Hooray!"

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