Saturday, January 22, 2011

To sleep, perchance to dream sauce.

I've visited Balboa Island.

Today, it was time to learn Balboa during a "Cram Session" at Triangle Dance Studio.  Site of my very first Lindy 101 class in the Triangle.  Yes, I took Lindy 101 a few times.  I'm a little remedial.

After two hours of quick, quick, slow (with a pulse) I was hungry.  Fortunately, Cheerz Deli was right around the corner.
I was craving a roast beef sandwich that Adam (now a vegetarian) used to order but I couldn't remember the ingredients.

So, I opted for the "workout chicken" sandwich which I took to be a healthier option but healthy or not the sandwich was so large that a 1/2 order (what I ordered) looked just like a full order.  Perhaps the sandwich was like a starfish that just grows to two full size starfish should you cut it in half.

I was also a little underwhelmed by mustard so I asked the Deli Guy for something with a little more zing.  To this request, he offered me "Dream Sauce."  I was so entertained by the name I said "Sure!" not really knowing what was in it.  Turned out there was some garlic (sorry leads).  And, Saturday night didn't offer much opportunity for sleep (or, perchance, to dream).

Lunch was followed by one more session.  I participated but after that my brain was full (not bleeding, just full) so I left.

I went to a craft store to buy suede for my dance shoes.  I felt as uncomfortable as some men get in Victoria's Secret among all the ingredients for dust collecting knick-knacks.

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