Monday, January 03, 2011


I got my hair cut over the holidays. A lot of it. Little more than I expected actually. My hair was at that "wear it in a ponytail everyday phase" and I was thinking something shorter I could tuck behind my ears. There are certain words the stylist and I discussed avoiding such as bob, bangs and pixie cut. After the consultation I closed my eyes and let her do her thing.

I was a little shocked at how much was gone when it was over. I felt a little bit like some of my femininity was being swept off the salon floor.

Here's a shot of me fresh off the chopping block.There's also the concern that it's never going to look as good as it does on the day the stylist cuts, dries and styles it.

Here's the other thing. It's the week before Christmas. I'm on PTO and most of my friends are either working or away. So, I have no reactions to help me assess the new-do. In fact, I got a little caught off guard each time I passed a mirror. Like "Ack! That's me." Not the "Er, who is that?" look on in the following shot.
I realize that I'm not going myself any favors by wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Some earrings, makeup and a shirt with a nice neckline might enhance the look but I'm in lazy, home, reading, decompressing mode.

The first shower was disorienting. As my fingers worked their way down my locks and the hair ran out I was shocked to feel my neck. I felt a bit like an amputee and kept touching my neck in case I was just dreaming.

I meet up with a pal briefly and wore my ski hat the whole time. My next stop was Barb's.

Now, here's the great thing about Barb. She always wears hats inside. It's like her look. So, I felt perfectly normal with my hat on over dinner. But then I get hot and decided it was time. Barb's reaction was comforting. She thought it looked OK, but understood that it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

Incidentally, I left my scarf at Barb's. I never realized that the hair on my head and down my neck actually did keep me warm.

I had a haircut similar to this one growing up (pre-boobs, makeup, etc) and was frequently mistaken for a boy. My name being Jamie didn't help. I think those memories played into my reaction. Then I remembered that I was signed up as a lead for Lindy Focus (dance camp in Asheville). I briefly considered embracing the new look, getting a flat cap, suspenders and just rolling with it.

Instead, I ended up buying the following vintage-like ladies hat at Target.

My plan was to wear it all week though on some level I knew that was going to make me look stupider than I thought my hair might.

I was joking about using some guy pomade and doing crazy things with my hair but actually discovered that a little bit of product helped the "Do" keep shape. And blow-drying was essential. Way more maintenance than I wanted. Sigh.

The hat eventually came off. Shortly thereafter I found flower hair clips which are very popular on the swing dance floor. These might not work in the real world but fit right in for Lindy Focus.

By New Year's Even I was embracing it and opted to get my hair "done." Finger curls with sparkly clips. I almost felt authentic.

Lindy Focus came to a close so I've been using earrings & mascara as "accents" to my hair. People are work (the ones who know who I am) seem to like it. I'm getting used to it.

I mean, it is what it is and it will grow back. It's just hair.


CAROLINA said...

JAMIE! CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS YOU!!! Remember me back from waukeela time?? (cant remember if its written this way...who gives a f!) Remember me? Its CARO.

Jamie said...

Carolina Zing?