Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthdayscape 2011: Drive Down & The Mansion

Pal Ellen knows how to celebrate her birthday.
Invite female friends from "past and present lives" to a warm location in late Jan/Early February.
Rinse, wash, repeat and you've got "Birth-day-scape."

This year we 'scaped in Charleston, South Carolina.


The Drive Down

Of course I get hungry when I stop seeing places to eat right off the highway. I got off at an exit with a sign that said "FOOD" with no indication of how far away or what direction. Three miles later I find a pizza place. That is out of pizza. Fortunately I find this more entertaining than annoying. I didn't get a slice of pizza but I got a slice of life.

Another sign I saw en route back to the highway.

Our Digs: The Cocaine Mansion

This is the vacation to the Hamptons I never took. View of house from beach

View of beach (and pool, and hot-tub) from house

As for the interior, let's just say the place had an elevator. Because it did.

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