Monday, January 24, 2011

That's just not a very good tag line.

I've made good on one of my New Year's Resolutions and enrolled in a class at UNC.  Philosophy of Religion.

It's me and a bunch of undergraduates.  When I arrived at the first class I think they thought I was the Professor and I was so tempted to see if I could run with it.  At times, I'm blown away by the sophistication of the students.  At other times I find their mindset maddening.  I wonder what a thirty-something would have made of my college classes.

Anyway, we've been talking about arguments for the existence of God.  Cosmological arguments specifically.  My favorite argument belongs to Bertrand Russell - "The universe is just there and that's all."

We were discussing problems or shortcomings of other arguments.  I started thinking about missionaries, spreading the word and showing/sharing God's love, passing it onto your children/next generation  -- you know, those who want to bring others (skeptics, non-believers, whomever) into the fold.

Then I thought about my own reaction to the arguments and my reaction was "I just don't buy it."  The minute the word "buy" entered my mind I started thinking about advertising.

So when the question of issues with the arguments came up I raised my hand and said something alone the lines of  "That's just not a very good tag-line."

I wonder if the students found me maddening.

He-He!  Stupid comments from me in class aside, I'm loving it.  I love just walking on the college campus.  For one thing, drivers are so respectful of pedestrians.  The real highlight so far is really the enrichment & stimulation.  And challenge.  I've never taken a Philo or Religion class and the readings are not anything like my usual literature.  Lastly, I'm getting a Philosophy tool-kit  (learning more about logic, constructing arguments) that will make me more convincing (or annoying) in day to day discussions.

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