Saturday, January 01, 2011

Okay, 2011, here's what I'm thinking

Some New Year's Resolutions
This is a blog after all, not a journal.


I promise no "life is like swing dancing" ramble but I do believe my weaknesses in these areas stem from the same place, so they share a line item. I actually listen intently but I need to listen longer to make sure I really hear what someone is saying (wait for the lead) process it (feel the lead) and then react (follow).

Instead, I interrupt (back-lead). What's going on in my head is "I totally understand what this person is saying let me acknowledge that, anticipate their thought and attempt to complete it" or "I don't want to lose my thought" or "This person is talking, but the premise is all wrong, let me reset" or "I have a question!"

Before some swing dance lessons I've taken a vow of silence. This makes it easy to listen and impossible to interrupt. I experience the benefits of listening, following the lead and I usually get my questions answered without even asking.

Enter a Novice Jack & Jill

Why not?

Re-channel Mindfulness

Re-channel mindfulness about how I am perceived to mindfulness about how I communicate. Recognize that mindfulness about the latter will mitigate concerns about the former.

Impact/Innovation/Extraordinary Creative (at work and elsewhere)/Geek Out

The work. The creative. This is why I'm in advertising. I pay close attention to what's happening in the advertising world. I pay even more attention to what's possible. There's a lot of cool shit out there. Ideas that are truly extraordinary transcend & redefine media. Having said that, digital technology social media provide remarkable opportunity to creative extraordinary work. I have no idea my assignment for 2011 but I will aim for extraordinary & mine the opportunity for extraordinary regardless the assignment. I will realize that contribution I can make as the person who owns the relationship with the Client.


Work has the potential to be enriching and stimulating in many areas. But, it hasn't been enough and even at it's best, it can only be so much. I'm dying to grow. To learn. To exercise my intellect and fight the feeling that my mind has atrophied. When I was home healing my brain I made a promise to myself to take a class at UNC. In the fall of 2010 I made good on that promise and registered for a class. Days later, my work assignment led to a deferral. I'm in the midst of determining if I can take a class for the 2011 Spring Term. If I'm not able to take a class there are other ways I can enrich myself (reading, conversations, etc)but I would very much like a taste of the academic environment again. I miss it. And I was good in it.

I don't want to lose any weight

Once upon a time, my trainer called me the "Push Up Queen." Not so much anymore.
I want to gain muscle, tone, strength and definition. Part of this is pure vanity but strength also improves my enjoyment and accomplishment of activities like triathlons, dancing (aerials!) etc.

Wake Forest Miles for Smiles 2011 Triathlon

This was my first triathlon in 2009. I'm going to do it again this year and improve on my performance in some way


Maybe it's the snow. Maybe it's my sister's profile picture.

I love to ski. And, I was (am?) good at it. Growing up I was fortunate to have the opportunity to ski a lot. I was on the ski team in High School (Shit, I look young).

It's been more difficult to find the time, opportunity & company to ski but I will get myself on the slopes this year.

Whimsy, Purposelessness

I like getting things done, being productive and purposeful. All good things, but I need to enjoy experiences, moments, the process and remember the things on my "lists" (this one included) aren't really the most important things in life.

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