Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you're looking for the entry about the awesomeness of Todd Seavey click here.
If you're wondering why anyone would visit this blog to read about Seavey click here or see below.  

Todd is doing a round up of C-SPAN2 links.  He refers to me as a hot chick (one of many, though).  I'm certainly more attractive than Helen.

Jamie Foehl -- another one of the many hot chicks some of my detractors think I couldn't possibly date yet did -- was nice enough to praise me on her blog after the craziness began.  Ironically, she now dwells in the same yuppie and Northeastern-feeling area of North Carolina whence hails my co-panelist, despite my co-panelist's frequent attempts to blame her own eccentricities on an alien, rural, old-fashioned, backwoods way of life we city folk don't appreciate, at least while sober. 

If you want to learn more about alien, rural, old-fashioned and backwoods way of life in the yuppie and Northeastern-feeling area of North Carolina just scroll down and keep reading. 

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