Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Touch your nose with your eyes closed test.

And today I meet with Dr Glenn of Raleigh Neurology. I only have fantastic things to say about her, so I'm naming her and her practice since my recommendation carries so much weight in the medical community, I know.

When I arrive at the office it's clear we're in flu season. Hard core. Hand sanitzers. Signs. Masks. Wow. I better not get swine flu. Seriously, I had only one sick day all of 2009 before two months away with brain bleed.

As with any doctor office, there is waiting. But when Dr Glenn arrives she delivers. She jokes "So, I'm supposed to consult on a case where I have absolutely no background?" Of course she hasn't gotten my notes, but she goes through the records I have diligently provided. She asks questions, answers my questions, we do neuro tests. When we get to the "touch your nose with your eyes closed test" it's like a monent of truth. I mess up! Argh. I really wonder if I was able to do this pre-brain bleed.

She concurs with Dr L that another angio is needed and she gets the pre-angio consult moved earlier in an effor to help me get back to my normal life sooner.

I'll see her in six months for a follow up. Thanks much to my Carleton neurosurgeon pal for the recommendation.

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