Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I need to be more mindful or periods versus commas when reading recipes.

I had some leftover basil from a Thai dish I made last week. Not wanting that delicious herb to go to waste, I decided to find another dish that used basil and some lycopene-licious tomatoes since no meal is a good meal without a Superfood.

I found a recipe for a Rustic Tomato Basil Tart on the Cooking Lite website.

Diane, my cooking mentor, advised me to measure out all the ingredients before I started the dish - mise en place - she called it. Some "mise en place" would've saved 2 trips to the grocery store during the muffin making extravaganza yesterday.

You might note the basil is missing (the green that you do see is Oregano). This recipe was built around leftover basil but when it came time to use, it was no longer suitable for inclusion in a dish. Whoops. Fortunately, Whole Foods is nearby.

I need to be more mindful of periods and commas in a recipe. Two mistakes of a very similar nature were made. In short, I combined too many ingredients at once. For example I was supposed to combine the oregano, cheese and basil (PERIOD) and then in a separate dish combine flour and salt. (PERIOD). Instead, I did this.

Whoopsy, again.

I also left the tart dough in the freezer a bit too long.

Despite some missteps along the way, what resulted was tasty enough and worth trying again.

Doesn't the inside of this tomato look a little bit like a brain?

Tomorrow's challenge? Kale.

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