Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"I will not sleep at night until you have another angiogram."

I finally had my appointment with Dr L and it went exactly as anticipated. I arrived, paid, waited in the waiting room, and then waiting in the examination room (which was quite nice, actually. Bamboo floors).

Dr L arrived. Much shorter than I recall. Then again I was in a hospital bed. I admit I felt a little vulnerable and patientlike with him at the hospital. Though he wished me no ill will, I was at his mercy, yah know?

I much preferred talking to him fully clothed and feeling healthy. And, I admit, I enojoyed the height.

He asked me if I had my angiogram films. I explain to him that the wrong procedure was ordered. He shakes his head. Then I say "And you were the only person who could clarify what follow up was needed and you were unavailable in China."

"It is imperative. Imperative, imperative, imperative, you have an angiogram. For this to happen to you, so young and healthy, we need to take another look. I will not sleep at night until you have another angiogram."

(From the guy who takes off for weeks without coverage or contact).

My co-pay is refunded and an appointment is set up for the angio. Actually, it's not an appointment for the procedure. It's an appointment to meet with the Dr who is going to do the procedure. After that appointment the actual thing is scheduled. Geeeeeeze.

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