Monday, April 16, 2007

Day Ten (Monday, April 16th)

It is our last morning in LP and we do all the things we think we'll feel guilty if we don't do after having been here for so long. Things like the night market, avoiding the New Year's festivities, and feeling sick because of our meds have taken up more time than anticipated.

The day starts of at 6:00 am watching the monks giving alms. All the monks in a row in orange walking down the sidewalk.

Later in the day we check out some of the Temples.

And yes, hit the market just one more time. I could totally return to this place again, just to shop. Robert warned me. In fact, I've purchased so much on this trip that I need to buy another bag. Robert also advised me to bring an extra bag. Knowing my own discipline I chose not to bring a whole empty bag for stuff. So much for that.

All the vendors store their wares in these plastic like bag things that are probably ten cents each. I need one. The first vendor I approach refuses. The second one sells it to me for $4 dollars. I have a handknit purse for $3 dollars in my possession but somehow this dumpy, cheap, one step up from a plastic bag container is going to end up costing me.

Earlier in the week we noticed that many vendors were selling birds. Apparently, they trap the birds, put them in a little cage, people buy them, and then release them. And then the birds are trapped again. That's a business model I like.

We arrive at the airport in LP. We had done some itinerary switching and Teri and I thought we were on the same flight. It turns out that Teri's flight was two hours ago and I'm booked on the flight that is going to leave shortly. Being the nice sister I am (remember, shirt off my back) I give Teri my seat. She needs to get back to Bangkok tomorrow to fly home to Seattle.

But boy oh boy do I relish the opportunity to chastise Teri for totally relying on me to make all the plans, have all the money (her Visa couldn't get her cash so I was the SUGAH for this trip). Teri owns up to it, which makes chastising her less fun. Actually, I really appreciate that.

Luckily, I get a seat on this flight. We have a goofy time on the way home. Somehow, we have taken great amusement in the name of the author of my book "Joyce Carol Oates." Every time we say it we laugh. We play hangman. We play Tic Tac Toe. I beat Teri at one round. It's like the first time in 20 years I haven't tied someone in Tic Tac Toe. I finish my book and Teri off the picture of JOYCE and give it to Teri for memories. Why this name is so funny, I don't know. But I guarantee I could call Teri up right now, say that name, and we would laugh hysterically.

We get to Bangkok and it's back to our home away from home, The Novotel Hotel. I have to admit, I'm kind of glad that I won't have to do a spider check before I go to the bathroom. And, as charming as the Luang Prabang geckos were during our dinners, I'm glad they won't be joining us tonight.

We spend much time loading the pictures in the high class business center. It's fun to see the trip come to life. We make reservations at the same restaurant where we made reservations last time. Last time, we slept through them. This time, we sleep through them again. At least we're consistent.

I packed very lightly for this trip. I thought I would buy some clothes. Haven't really done that. I wear a smelly t-shirt and my sarong to dinner. Teri is horrified and rightfully so. I do look pretty dumpy.

Here are all the pics from the day. Click on the picture below to see the full album.

Day Ten (4.16.07)

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