Sunday, April 08, 2007

Day Two (Sunday, April 8th)

I will miss Desperate Housewives tonight.

Is a lot like Day One. On planes and in airports. But I feel like the adventure has begun. In Tokyo, I get on another big plane and this time I'm on the Upper Deck. I climbed stairs in an airplane. So cool. This time I only get three seats to myself but still, it lets me sleep. I'm trying to get on Thailand time so I don't sleep the whole way. I finally do crack open that InStyle magazine and watch a movie.

I am sleeping when they give the meal service. They leave a cute little post it on my tray table letting me know that a meal is available to me. So much nicer than the grumpy American Airlines flight attendant who bellows in your sleeping ear "Chicken or Beef?"

I write a little, which I haven't done in a while. For most of 2006 I kept a journal but then I lost it and I haven't been able to start another one since. I rarely lose anything and for me to misplace something of such a personal nature really got to me. This blog is by no means a replacement for that journal as it is too public, but it is a neat way to chronicle my adventures without having to worry about anything getting lost. Unless the internet breaks down.

Finally, we're in Bangkok. Another stamp in my passport. I step out side. Wow. It is a bazillion degrees. I am leaving for Phuket the next morning so I just stay in the airport hotel. I take a shower even though I am dead tired because I can smell the last twenty hours on planes but there is no hot water. How is that possible? It is so hot outside, but there is no hot water.

There is nothing Thai about the Hotel, really. Which is kinda funny how I travelled all this way but this hotel room could be just about anywhere.

But, the hotel has good products and I put all those into my bag. I am so proud of my minamalist approach to this trip. I brought a small backpack. My plan is to borrow stuff from my sister who will undoubtedly overpack and buys things. And wash some stuff too.

For those of you who don't know all the circumstances of this trip I have my sister (Teri, also known as the Princess) to thank. She had this trip planned ages ago and somehow, about two weeks ago, she convinced me to join her. I thought of a million reasons why not, but then said "What the hell" and bought the ticket.

She flew out here about a week ago. Right now she is on a boat that departed from Phuket. I will see her on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. I realize I haven't spoken to anyone in the last two days and for someone as chatty and extroverted as me, that's a little weird. I'm totally in my head, which is good for me. Teri also has a camera, and so I hope to get some pictures on here.

I also have my pal Robert Telchin to thank for assisting in the planning of this trip. Robert is incredibly worldy and offered me invaluable advice from everything to what coffee shop to drink in in Luang Prabang from monitoring Bangkok Airlines flight to find a flight back to Bangkok for my sister.

And David, for tracking it.

Geeze. I sound like I just won an Oscar.

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