Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day Five (Wednesday, April 11th)

When I think about it, this day is a little bit embarrassing. Because so much of it was spent sleeping. But, it seemed to be something that both Teri and I needed (albeit for different reasons).

I wake up at The Manathai at an obscenely early hour. I have no idea what time zone my body really is in. I force myself back to sleep an wake up at 6:55 Thailand time. That seems to be my wakeup time, no matter what the zone which is annoying. I wanna sleep late, damnit. This is my vacation (although I have already had one call from the USA).

I decide to take a swim in the pool (which has overflowed onto the deck and almost into my room). I think to myself that when I have a house, it must have a pool. A big one. Every day should start off like this.

My sister is supposed to get here early to wake up and waterski with me. She rolls in with 20 minutes to pack. I make her feel guilty. Not sure if she does.

We head to the airport and I think about Phuket. Honestly, everything we did here you could probably do in South Beach. Which is a heckuva lot closer. But, I was joining a trip in progress and this is where it was happening so this is where I came. But, I'm eager to move on.

In the airport, there is a lounge for passengers on Bangkok Airlines. Internet, and juice and so forth. I am on Bangkok Airlines. I enter the lounge. My sister will be traveling on two Bangkok airlines segments in the next week but today she is with Asia Air. She tries to join me in the Lounge but they spot her Asia Air ticket and practically push her out the door. The hospitality here is so strange. Sometimes underwhelming, sometime overwhelming.

Teri and I take separate flights down to Bangkok. We meet up at the airport. Finally have some time to TALK with a capital T. While we're both enjoying our vacation there's always a need for that sisterly girltalk and we have it. We make dinner reservations for this really good restaurant in Bangkok.

We go back to the hotel room. There's not much selection so I watch the cheerleading championships on ESPN. Yes, of course part of me is like "What am I doing in Asia watching Cheerleaders from Ohio on TV?" but I was tired. So tired that Teri and I decide to nap. And nap and nap. The alarm goes off when we're supposed to get ready to go to dinner in Bangkok. we keep sleeping. We do wake up eventually and have dinner in the hotel. And then back to bed. We both needed this, Teri especially.

Not the most exciting day, we know. But part of the trip nonetheless.

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