Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day One (Saturday, April 7th)

Jamie's Southeast Asia Adventure Begins. Also, Happy Birthday Pepine Nana.

I wake up at 5:30 am and meet with my trainer. Damn, am I dedicated. But, the workout will tire me out which is a good idea given that I'm going to be on a plane for the next two days, more or less.

I get to RDU two hours early like the American Airlines reservation lady told me. Ten minutes later I'm at the gate waiting for my flight. RDU is a small airport, I have no luggage to check, and I'm GOLD which does make life a little easier.

Flight to ORD is easy. I get on the enormous plane to fly to Tokyo. I am blessed by the fact that it is very empty and take up five seats and two Benadryl and sleep for most of the way.

Land in Tokyo. I'm bummed I don't have time to jump into the city. I am delighted to see that the airport seats don't have arm rests so I take up four seats and am back to sleep. I have not even cracked open the InStyle magazine I bought for this trip.

Tokyo is many hours ahead of RDU so I should actually start a new post for Sunday, to be accurate.

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